Spurious by Lars Iyer

Spurious, the blog, has been around for ages. On first publication I resisted Lars Iyer’s Spurious, the book, assuming it was merely a collection of blog posts. You can certainly get a feel for the book by looking at the blog, but as you would expect, the book is less fragmentary, there is a more coherent narrative structure. Just. Imagine a version of Pete and Dud with two intellectuals and a bottle of gin.

Intelligent and painfully funny, Spurious is best read in one sitting, though I was slowed by continually stopping to read excerpts to my family.  I had planned to quote some excerpts here, but I am going to read it again instead.

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2 Responses to Spurious by Lars Iyer

  1. Completely off topic but great choice of video clip. I LOVE Peter Cook. He was amazing.


    • Anthony says:

      Truly amazing; I think I can count comedians I love on one hand: Peter Cook is the thumb, a genius. The Pete and Dud sketches were incredible.


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