Links of the Week

Many of these links have been tweeted in the past, but here I can tag and categorise them for future reference. I hope you find some of them interesting too. Please feel free to discuss in comments or on Twitter.

British artist Tacita Dean’s giant Turbine Hall installation at London’s Tate Modern, created using 35mm film, is a love letter to a disappearing medium. She explains how she hopes to create something magical and spectacular to carry her message: film is beautiful – let’s keep it.

Jeffrey Eugenides interviews Tacita Dean: “I think that being very open to coincidences, they happen more.”

Sonic Youth live recordings archive (in FLAC).

Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent (1/17) is ESSENTIAL viewing (You already know this, but just in case…).

Simone de Beauvoir’s Paris Review interview. “The paradox of human life is precisely that one tries to be and, in the long run, merely exists.”

Full text of Polyani’s The Great Transformation. Romantic but robust on free market damage to communities.

A Short History of Neoliberalism (And How We Can Fix It), based on David Harvey’s prescient 2005 book.

“I passed this over several times before actually watching. I’m glad I did because it’s quite charming, and if you haven’t seen it, you’ll love it. 12 year old Jeremiah McDonald from 1992 interviews 32 year old Jeremiah McDonald.”

What is tasteful? Introduction to Pierre Bourdieu’s seminal work on aesthetics and taste. [PDF]

Michael Hardt’s ‘For Love or Money’. [Full lecture]

Judith Butler talks about Walter Benjamin’s notion of the gesture in Franz Kafka’s parables.

Interview with Domenico Losurdo on Liberalism: A Counter-History.

Against Nostalgia: Esther Tusquets and the Remembering of the Gauche Divine.

Selection of Pieter Hugo’s breathtaking photographs, that I discovered in the ‘Hyena Men’ series.

Jane Bennett: Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things | Territorial Masquerades.

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