Links of the Week

Many of these links have been tweeted in the past, but here I can tag and categorise them for future reference. I hope you find some of them interesting too. Please feel free to discuss in comments or on Twitter.

Understanding Patriarchy – stunning, important essay by bell hooks. [PDF]

French and Saunders’ Ingmar Bergman parody.

From the BBC archives, Iris Murdoch discusses the artistic conflict between freedom and form.

The definitive Nabokov bibliography blog.

Semiotics for Beginners: Intertextuality by Daniel Chandler.

Samir Amin’s review of Wallerstein’s Modern World System: The Rise and Decline of Liberalism.

Excerpts from Daniil Kharms’s Blue Notebook.

The Situationist International Text Library/The Revolution of Everyday Life (full text).

Wonderful interview (video) with Nadezhda Mandelstam.

Congruence in the work of Ozu and Hopper.

Christopher Beha talks about avoiding the traps of first novels in What Happened to Sophie Wilder.

Full critical, digital edition of The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (1759).

“Destroyed, stolen, rejected, erased, ephemeral.” Gallery of Lost Art.

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