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Parallels (Beckett)

He spent ages adjusting the position of Billie Whitelaw’s hands on her upper arms, creating, whether he recognised it or not, a striking parallel with the picture of The Virgin of the Annunciation by Antonelle da Messina which had impressed … Continue reading

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Anne Carson’s Antigonick

Antigonick is a strange book for Carson because, unlike Nox, or If Not, Winter, her translations of the complete fragments of Sappho, or Autobiography of Red, her luminous verse novel re-telling of the Greek myth of Geryon, to all of … Continue reading

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a little notebook

You said it, my good knight! There ought to be laws to protect the body of acquired knowledge. Take one of our good pupils, for example: modest and diligent, from his earliest grammar classes he’s kept a little notebook full … Continue reading

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A Doll House By Ibsen

Ibsen’s A Doll House turns on a single sentence, Nora’s “We’re settling accounts, Torvald”. On that sentence the puerile Nora merges from her pupal cocoon and rejects her husband Torvald. Before that sentence the reader is accustomed to Torvald’s casual … Continue reading

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Paddling Palms and Pinching Fingers

From the first act of The Winter’s Tale, a favourite Shakespeare play that I’m slowly rereading, Leonte’s first jealous reaction to his wife’s apparent flirtation with the King of Bohemia: Too hot, too hot! To mingle friendship far is mingling … Continue reading

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