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Barthes on Barthes

You sense in Barthes by Barthes the vertiginous pleasure that Roland Barthes found in reading himself like a text. Composed of fragments that dissect belief and the nature of writing, his illusionary autobiography is joyful [playful], often brilliant. Michael Wood quotes … Continue reading

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Strait is the Gate by André Gide

“Who was this Gide whose name [he] uttered one afternoon, almost furtively, and with a smile that seemed to ask forgiveness for his audacity?” Introduced to the writing of André Gide by an early mentor, Simone de Beauvoir feasted on … Continue reading

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Reading and Premeditation

There are book bloggers I admire for their unfaltering dedication to a premeditated sequence of reading. Though I enjoy planning my reading, impulse often overtakes my carefully nurtured plans. This post is a corrective for me, an attempt to continue to … Continue reading

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A Book Feverishly Devoured

From her diaries of 1926, Simone de Beauvoir’s admiration for a book: A revelation, an immense help was this book already almost known and whose first half I feverishly devoured. I must finish it and then reread it and meditate … Continue reading

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Reality Hunger by David Shields

The debate is old but David Shields, in Reality Hunger, revives the argument against artifice in the novel. Forget conventional fiction is his manifesto, the energy in literature today is found in essays, memoirs, diaries and non-fiction. His book is a … Continue reading

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Virginia Woolf – A Writer’s Diary

When she was 36, Virginia Woolf imagined an older version of herself reading her diaries: If Virginia Wool at the age of 50, when she sits down to build her memoirs out of these books, is unable to make a … Continue reading

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This Summer’s Brick arrived recently. New to me is Australian author, Robert Dessaix, with a noteworthy article about world-weariness and ageing. On arriving in Naples he writes: Naples unsettled Stendhal too, it now occurred to me, yet you’d have thought his enthusiasm … Continue reading

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