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Favourite Films (10)

I was asked by a friend about my favourite films, so here goes with a list of the top ten that come to mind today. They are in no particular order. There should be a Woody Allen here, but in … Continue reading

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Zona by Geoff Dyer

Without reservation, I am a deep-seated admirer of Geoff Dyer’s work. Since reading his D. H. Lawrence book I have continued through each of his titles. Last year I went to a talk that Dyer gave on Camus, (available here, but … Continue reading

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“In the beginning was the Word. Why is that, Papa?”

Tarkovsky on the set of The Sacrifice,  his final film. The house in the background burnt down while the film jammed in the camera. The crew could not reload in time, so it had to be reconstructed and burnt down a … Continue reading

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A Corking Issue of the Paris Review

This corking issue of the Paris Review features not only the Geoff Dyer excerpt of his next book on Tarkovsky’s Stalker, but also a brilliant  essay by Lydia Davis, Some Notes on Translation and on  Madame Bovary. Essential reading for … Continue reading

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Even Geoff Dyer’s Footnotes are Worth Reading

A footnote, Noel Coward observed, is like going downstairs to answer the doorbell while making love. On this, and many other topics, Noel and I am in total agreement. But as always in life there are exceptions, and if there … Continue reading

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