An Incandescent LRB

The distinction between the  TLS and the LRB, and which subscription to maintain, is a perennial debate hereabouts. The TLS is more unvarying; the LRB is intermittently incandescent but routinely dry as dust.

The latest LRB (Vol. 34 No. 6 | 22 March 2012) is close to the former, offering Michael Wood’s Proust and His Mother, T. J. Clarke’s brilliant review of the Tate Britain’s Picasso and Modern British Art (to 15 July) and the Courtauld’s Mondrian Nicholson: In Parallel (to 20 May). The cocktail cherry is August Kleinzahler’s The Hotel Oneira, as good an example as you’ll find of Allen Ginsberg’s description of  Kleinzahler’s as ‘always precise, concrete, intelligent and rare—that quality of “chiseled” verse memorable in Basil Bunting’s and Ezra Pound’s work. A loner, a genius.’