Cancel That Gym Subscription

The healthy mind goes everywhere, one day visiting Saint Francis, another accepting teas from Céline’s bitter pot – ask for two sugars, please – and hiking many a hard mile through Immanuel Kant or the poetry of Paul Celan – a pair who will provide a better workout than the local gym – before taking a hard-earned vacation in the warm and luscious fictions of Colette. You will live longer and better by consuming deliciously chewy fats and reading Proust than by treadmilling to a Walkman tune and claiming to be educated because you peruse the Wall Street Journal and have recently skimmed something by Tom Wolfe.

William Gass – A Temple of Texts

3 thoughts on “Cancel That Gym Subscription

  1. >Don’t cancel it. Exercise is good for your health.PS – In order to give you access to my new blog, I need your e-mail (it is a private blog). Don’t worry, you can trust me. You can find my e-mail on my old blog, right on the main page.

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