The Everyman’s Library edition of Nabokov’s Pale Fire is introduced by philosopher Richard Rorty:

But Nabokov helps us remember that we can only respect what we can notice, and that it is often very hard for us to notice that other people are suffering. He also reminds us of the main reason why it is so hard: we all spend a lot of time inventing people rather than noticing them, reshaping real people into characters in stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, stories about how beautiful and rare we are.

2 thoughts on “Projection

  1. >this is to me funny to me, 35 years ago I was an avid reader of the articles published by Richard Rorty in academic philosophical journals-I also read his books on literature. I will have to read his introduction to this book.


  2. >Mel: I don't know if you have read Pale Fire. If you haven't, you must. It's themes are still playing in my mind a few weeks later. Don't read the Rorty introduction before reading the book, as it contains spoilers. If you have read Pale Fire, then I am sure Rorty's introduction will impel you to reread this masterpiece.


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