20th Century’s Major English Language Poet

Recently in response to a post about Yeats, I offered a counterclaim that T. S. Eliot deserved the accolade of the twentieth century’s greatest poet.

I came across Harold Bloom’s opinion on the debate, writing of Eliot:

I confess a lifelong hostility to T. S. Eliot, whose literary criticism did real harm, and whose cultural criticism showed, at times, a vicious proto-Fascism. But from 1911 to 1925, Eliot was a great poet, publishing his masterpiece in 1922, The Waste Land, certainly the most influential poem in English in the twentieth century.


And of Yeats:

The Anglo-Irish poet W. B. Yeats probably was the major poet in English of the twentieth century, surpassing even Thomas Hardy, Robert Frost, Wallace Stevens, T. S. Eliot, and Hart Crane. One might have to turn to William Wordsworth to find a more eminent poet.

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