Psychoanalytic Fiddling

I’m halfway through George Makari’s Revolution in Mind on the origins of psychoanalysis. It is compelling. That psychoanalysis attained such credence until the 1970’s is remarkable given its often bizarre and fractious evolution. That psychoanalysis is a branch of humanities rather than a science seems indisputable.

The Guardian review is a cogent account of what I have read so far:

We get every possible permutation of theory, interminable shifts of emphasis and twiddling with minutiae. Yet during the squabbles and quibbles, Germany was suppurating. Missing the real crisis, these doctors and intellectuals (most of them Jewish) were fiddling with themselves and their silly theories while Rome was beginning to burn.

[2 Jan 2015: Surprised in retrospect that I got to the half-way point of this dreadful book.]

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