Admiring Self

There are numerous references on the web to Harold Bloom’s admiration for Will Self but I cannot find the original source of the reference. The admiration intrigues me as Self is a writer who’s novels and journalism I dislike intensely.

I am predisposed to admire Self. Not only is he (apparently) admired by Bloom but I would like to enjoy and support a genuinely talented contemporary English author. I try the novels (the last few sitting in Borders so I don’t waste the money) but have never got past half-way before giving them up as puerile and pretentious.

Any Will Self enthusiasts know the source of the Bloom reference? Any of you tell me what is to admire about Self’s oeuvre?

2 thoughts on “Admiring Self

  1. >I read *Great Apes* years ago and it made me feel icky. A thoroughly nightmarish experience. It actually affected me deeply, I suppose –I've never wanted to read anything else by Self, that's for sure. In a sense, I suppose that's an aesthetic achievement–something I can imagine ole Bloom getting behind.


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