12 thoughts on “Loving Don Q But No Tattoo

  1. >(laughing) Not getting a tattoo either but bookmarked that extra fun blog anyway. Thanks! Glad to hear you are enjoying DQ as some of will be reading together this summer.

  2. >Claire – If I was going to get a tattoo it wouldn't be a bad choice.Kevin – That is another glaring gap in my reading I need to resolve. You thinking, just under the eye?

  3. >There's a gal who works at Old Navy around the corner from where I live, and she sports a tattoo on her forehead as if it were a billboard. Difficult to miss, that. Why go under the eye when there's such valuable real estate above the brow? Honestly, though, I do like that Quixote tattoo… Very nice. Cheers, K

  4. >Anthony, thanks for visiting my blog. I've loved looking around this one. As far as tattoo's go – I can't help wanting some version of a peacock in homage to O'Connor and her brood of peacocks.

  5. Sometimes there are tattoos that bring me all the way from not wanting one at all to wanting THAT one right now. The DQ one above is nearly that good. Fun post! I should really get round to reading DQ soon…

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