Don Quixote’s Midpoint

Approaching the end of “The First Part” of Don Quixote; the reading of the two interpolated novels and real-time accumulation of characters at the inn has been more laboured than the preceding chapters. How many ever-more-beautiful-than-the last noble women are to show up, in mysterious circumstances? It is salutary to read The Modern Word’s review and know that in the “The Second Part” the book gets back to Don Quixote and Sancha Panza.

4 thoughts on “Don Quixote’s Midpoint

  1. >ed biblioklept – I'm reading the latest translation by Edith Grossman. I'd recommend it highly. The Modern Review post I linked compares it to one or two others. I far prefer Grossman to the Rutherford, which is the other one I've tried in the past.


  2. >Anthony, any favorite scenes jump out at you yet? Myself, I'm partial to Quixote's penance in the Sierra Morena and the meta-fictional romp of the Second part, where Cervantes goes all post-modern before it was in fashion. Have a good weekend. Cheers, K


  3. >The Second Part is for reading this long weekend. I'm looking forward to it.I'm not sure about scenes but I love the fizzling dialogue between the Don and Sancho Panza. If I had to opt for a favourite scene in the First Part, it would be the first visit to the inn and the confusion with Maritornes the servant.


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