Anticipating Madame Bovary

I’m participating in Nonsuch Book’s Madame Bovary ‘Group Read’ starting on 14 October. It’s been twenty years since I last read the novel, which I considered one of my favourites at the time. My sense of anticipation is fuelled by this first rate article about the new translation:

Perfect translation, in the common-sense fantasy of one-to-one correspondence, is of course impossible. Even the simplest message, moved from one language to another, inevitably gets warped: It loses its music, its cultural resonance, and the special pace at which it surrenders its information. This warpage is magnified, by a factor of roughly 10 million, in the case of Madame Bovary.

2 thoughts on “Anticipating Madame Bovary

  1. >I'm greatly anticipating this read as well. In fact, since my translation (won from Frances) has not yet arrived, I've begun the Barnes and Noble classic which I'd downloaded on my Nook. Still, it's wonderful. We'll have lots to talk about, I'm sure.


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