F. Scott Fitzgerald – Fancy New Set

In his Ballad of a Thin Man, Bob Dylan sang, “You’ve been through all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books / You’re very well read / It’s well known.”

Mr. Jones, Dylan’s ‘Thin Man’ would have reread F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books with pleasure in this new Penguin hardback edition. Designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, I am almost tempted. Only an aversion to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books restrains me.

7 thoughts on “F. Scott Fitzgerald – Fancy New Set

  1. >"Only an aversion to F. Scott Fitzgerald's books restrains me."Ha! I have an aversion to hardback books with dust jackets, or I would probably be all over these. So beautiful.

  2. >I vastly prefer paperbacks. But I'm finding that Vilnius Poker, with its dustjacket-free hardback binding, less annoying than reading with a shifting dustjacket. (I do usually take them off, but then you don't get to enjoy the pretty covers.) DILEMMAS.

  3. >Daniel-Halifax – These glamorous dust jackets are a perfect fit to F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the era and lifestyle, but I would have preferred to see them grace a new edition of Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time. These are crying out for a handsome new edition.Thanks for the kind words, the appreciation is mutual. I look forward to a longer viewing of your blog, some fantastic pictures there.

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