Kafka’s Diaries 1910-1923

Nursing a bout of influenza is exhausting, but comes with compensatory advantages: the so rare privilege of sitting silently and reading for hours, with the occasional offer of tea.

I have been able to complete Kafka’s Diaries 1910-1923. That Kafka did not wish these diaries published makes their reading a voyeuristic, guilty compulsion. They stand shoulder to shoulder with his novels and short stories, as sublime works of genius. They are quite essential.

2 thoughts on “Kafka’s Diaries 1910-1923

  1. >I must revisit Kafka, and visit his diaries for the first time. I read his novels & major short stories so long ago that I really didn't have the proper tools to appreciate them. So glad for your ringing endorsement here.

  2. >Lodged in my mind was the thought that Kafka was a writer for our adolescent years. True as that might be, Emily, I am finding so much richness in the novels, stories and these brilliant diaries. I'm very much looking forward to the letters.

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