Recalling Old Favourites

At Nonsuch Book, Frances reminds me of an old favourite author, John Fowles. At one time I read all his novels, fine writing and a unique voice. The book that stands out prominently in my recollection is Daniel Martin. There are new editions around but I am tempted by first editions from Fowles’ own library.

Fowles is the second old favourite that I must reread one day, the other being Joseph Heller. Heller’s Something Happened is the novel I recall fondly, a perceptive and genuinely funny book.

2 thoughts on “Recalling Old Favourites

  1. Funny, I am just re-reading Daniel Martin. Because I am, I typed in Fowles’ name into your search box, and here we are. Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure, both from your blog and your book recommendatioons.

    • Thank you, Harvey, I am delighted you’ve found pleasure as a consequence of my blog.

      I reread Heller, but have yet to get around to rereading Fowles, of whose work I have many happy memories.

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