Recalling Old Favourites

At Nonsuch Book, Frances reminds me of an old favourite author, John Fowles. At one time I read all his novels, fine writing and a unique voice. The book that stands out prominently in my recollection is Daniel Martin. There are new editions around but I am tempted by first editions from Fowles’ own library.

Fowles is the second old favourite that I must reread one day, the other being Joseph Heller. Heller’s Something Happened is the novel I recall fondly, a perceptive and genuinely funny book.

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Time's Flow Stemmed is a notebook of my wild readings.

2 thoughts on “Recalling Old Favourites

  1. Funny, I am just re-reading Daniel Martin. Because I am, I typed in Fowles’ name into your search box, and here we are. Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure, both from your blog and your book recommendatioons.


    1. Thank you, Harvey, I am delighted you’ve found pleasure as a consequence of my blog.

      I reread Heller, but have yet to get around to rereading Fowles, of whose work I have many happy memories.


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