Art Aside

Artist Helen Colling prints cuttings of digital photographs onto muslin and silk. These act as ground to be embellished with hand and machine stitching, incorporating applied shapes and transfer printing. The delicate pieces are displayed between sheets of Perspex. I’ve now three of these in my modest collection. From varied viewing angles and distances, these creations transform and offer much to contemplate. Colling explains:

My work explores whether every presence leaves an intangible echo, a sensation of a being that was once there. Does the atmosphere ripple and sigh when each being is gone? Is it forever disturbed? In the silence and stillness that descends when they are gone it can seem that something has changed forever. They are gone, but their voices, thoughts and deeds reverberate in our consciousness; they leave an alteration, a shift, a memory, and nothing is quite the same.

Now the perennial dilemna of where to hang them?

4 thoughts on “Art Aside

  1. >I went over to the link of her work, they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images, I am sure they are even more beautiful in the flesh. So subtle and ephemeral. I am sure that where ever you hang them, they will be appreciated.

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