Simone de Beauvoir’s Reading List

Writing in August 1926, Simone de Beauvoir outlines her reading plans:

  1. Read, not enormously if I do not have the time, but read the necessary books whatever the cost. As much as possible, every week I will have to skim through some journals: La Revue des jeunes, La Revue universelle, La NRF, Les Études, maybe others.
  2. Finish Verlaine. Read Mallarmé, Rimbaud, Laforgue, Moréas. All that I can find by Claudel, Gide, Arland, Valéry Larbaud, Jammes.
  3. Continue, perhaps, Ramuz, Maurois, Conrad, Kipling, Joyce, Tagore, Maurras, Montherlant, Ghéon, Dorgelès, Mauriac.
  4. Tackle Arnous, Fabre (Rabevel), Giraudoux,
  5. Wilde, Whitman, Blake, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoi,
  6. Romain Rolland.
  7. André Chénier, Leconte de Lisle.
  8. All the Paul Valéry possible.
  9. Inform myself about Max Jacob, Apollinaire.
  10. some surrealists.
  11. Maurice du Plessys. Thérive, Chadourne.
  12. Cahiers de la république des lettres.
  13. Anna de Noailles (Les éblouissements) [The Dazzling Sights] Paul Drouot.

These adolescent diaries have much in common with the first published volume of Susan Sontag’s diaries.

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