A Book Feverishly Devoured

From her diaries of 1926, Simone de Beauvoir’s admiration for a book:

A revelation, an immense help was this book already almost known and whose first half I feverishly devoured. I must finish it and then reread it and meditate on all its pages. No longer dead people like Gide or Barrès; a living example of fever, of ardor, and of beauty. There are things about me I have understood. There are words I would want to have written. There are some I have almost written. There are others I have so often thought. Through their lives, I have seen mine emerge, and desires, hopes, and promises were afloat in every corner of this room, deliciously overwhelming me.

Unfortunately my French is inadequate for reading the Correspondance of Jacques Riviere et Alain-Fournier that inspired de Beauvoir.

2 thoughts on “A Book Feverishly Devoured

  1. >I just read Alain-Fournier for the first time, and really loved it, and then in a discussion with someone a few days later, I learned of this book of Correspondance between him and Jacques Riviere. I really will need to see if I can get my hands on a copy.

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