Seven Random Things

At the wonderfully named Dada doesn’t catch flies, one of my favourite bloggers has challenged me to share seven things things about myself. I normally shy away from such invitations but reluctantly accept the proposition, perhaps it will be therapeutic.

  1. A highly nomadic childhood and commuting long distance to various boarding schools meant accruing a lot of air miles. At eleven years of age I became the youngest recipient of the Cathay Pacific 100,000 miles flown certificate.
  2. Near my boarding school was a communist bookshop. Every Saturday for at least two years I stole a book, the first being Mao’s Little Red Book. Sometimes I fool myself that the owner knew and let me get away with my crimes. I still feel guilty. Sorry.
  3. The first author that inspired me to read his complete oeuvre was Robert Heinlein, followed closely by J. P. Donleavy.
  4. Inspired by J. P. Donleavy’s tales of his home country, I spent three months in Ireland, hitching north to south and east to west.
  5. For reasons I can no longer recall, as a teenager I was drawn to the Middle East. Setting out with three hundred pounds, I spent nine months hitching through Spain, to Morocco, and then through Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, then to Cyprus and Greece. The current turmoil has resuscitated my fascination for the region.
  6. After returning from this supposed ‘gap year’, for all sorts of reasons that made complete sense at the time, I did not go back to university. I have regretted this at leisure. It is the source of my autodidacticism.
  7. My talisman book, that I have read so many times that, in a sense, I am always reading it, or thinking it, is Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea.

6 thoughts on “Seven Random Things

  1. >This gives me hope for my formerly boarding school attendee, currently regretful college dropout partner ;)Seriously though, fun facts, especially the first. Is Nausea sitting on my shelves somewhere? Perhaps I should pick it up someday; it's been years since I did Sartre.

  2. >Thanks for playing along. It is a great seven! For someone who has spent her whole twenties studying at various universities, I wish I had had the fortitude to travel overseas (abroad) for more than a month at a time (uni holidays). I guess "the grass is always greener…"

  3. >A fascinating seven indeed. Part traveler, part book thief, part Sartre addict and all very honest. An interesting combination by the sounds of things! 🙂

  4. >Nicole: Didn't Shaw (or someone equally mis-quotable) say education is wasted on the young? Or is that youth? Both are true.I came across a brilliant comment, of Beauvoir, in BHL's 'Sartre' that in his youth Sartre was Roquentin, after his war-time imprisonment he became the Autodidact.

  5. >Christina: Thank you, though I am not remotely proud of the 'book thief' history. Sadly the shop is long, long gone or I would make full restitution.

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