Paddy Leigh Fermor

With a few hours to spare I indulged one of my favourite pursuits, scouring the shelves of secondhand bookshops for surprises. My targets were Slightly Foxed and Heywood Hill. I stumbled upon 3 first editions: The Woman Who Was God by Francis King, The Haunt by A. L. Barker (both writers advocated by Rebecca West) and a rare Between the Woods and the Water by Patrick Leigh Fermor.

A few hours later, to my surprise, I learnt of Leigh Fermor’s death. His travel books are outstanding examples of the genre. We shall see if there is a third volume, long promised, of his legendary walk, as a teenager, from Holland to Constantinople.

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Time's Flow Stemmed is a notebook of my wild readings.

2 thoughts on “Paddy Leigh Fermor

  1. >The Leigh Fermor book found you. You know I believe these sorts of things. :)Slightly off topic, what do you know about Rebecaa West bio by Victoria Glendinning? It found me last week and not sure if it worth my time.


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