Discover New Writers with the Literature Map

In free moments between reading Infinite Jest I’ve been messing around with the Literature Map. You type in the name of a favourite writer, in the case above, Kafka, and the map displays a list of similar writers. The names closest to the original writer are theoretically those closest in terms of style, voice or content.

At the northern extremes of the map above are a few writers that I dislike, but it isn’t a bad snapshot of my perennial favourite writers.

6 thoughts on “Discover New Writers with the Literature Map

  1. >I saw that Frances wrote about your find, and I came over to tell you how exciting! I'll spend hours, too, looking for more writers to whom I'll feel a great affinity. (Now, if only they had this for perfumes, as well… 🙂


  2. >Literature Map is a great site isn't it? I go there now and then when I am looking for a new author to read. I also like to play around with it to see how it connects my favorite authors together.


  3. >Stu – It has limitations, but that doesn't stop me wasting a few hours with it.Bellezza – Have you discovered Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez's book: – not quite a perfume map, but highly recommended.Stefanie – The Map is strangely absorbing, often makes me wonder why certain writers are connected.


  4. >Luca Turin's book on Perfume is my fragrance bible! So glad you know of it! He not only gives spot on reviews, they're interesting reading as well. Even for people who might not be as passionate about scent as I am. Thanks for the link all the same; few people know of this book.


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