A New Love

I have a new love. She is called Melbourne, listed in fifth position on Monocle’s Livable Cities Index and in first place on Economist’s World’s Most Livable Cities.

It is no wonder as the city is rewarding on so many levels: breathtaking postmodern architecture (the outstanding Melbourne Museum as a single example, time-dissolving indy bookshops (my favourite was The Paperback Bookshop), a city centre beach, consistently thrilling bars and restaurants, the annual Melbourne Cup which takes over the city every spring. It is a culturally rich, friendly, exciting city.

Naturally I bought some books while in the city, choosing three Gerald Murnane books, so difficult to find on this side of the globe.

I am anticipating and planning my next trip to Melbourne next year, perhaps with a detour to Tasmania, for the trekking and Pinot Noir.

2 thoughts on “A New Love

  1. Ooh, I so wanted to visit Melbourne when we were in Australia, but alas David’s dad’s work schedule didn’t allow it. I’ve heard such great things—everything you mention, and they also have the most active fiber arts scene in Australia, with lots of exciting indie fabric designers. Someday!

    • You must visit Melbourne, Emily. I wish I had known to look out for a fiber arts scene, but the artistic and literary merits of the city are unquestionable.

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