Book Shelves #5

Before I roam any further around those places where books gather in my home, I must return briefly to my study to capture a small Alvar Aalto designed unit. It used to house a small collection of green Penguins, but no longer. It now holds a disparate set of oddities: literary journals, a Bible I use for reference purposes and a couple of oversized books.

One of the oversized books is Richard Misrach’s monograph On the Beach. After seeing the photographs featured in Aperture, it was at least six years before I was able to acquire my own copy.

Misrach really is my favourite photographer, and, of all his monographs, this the one I love most.

5 thoughts on “Book Shelves #5

    • Misrach’s photography, all of it, is simply stunning. If you don’t find a copy of Misrach’s book (they are hard to track down) I have a Modern Painters magazine that features a lot of the Sea series pictures. I bought it as a taster for the book, but now I have the latter you’d be welcome to have the magazine.

        • I was wondering where might be a good home for the magazine now I have the real thing. I don’t need a return though I’m always happy to accept a random book if you have any that are surplus to your needs.

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