“Long Live the Vortex”

We are against the glorification of “the People,” as we are against snobbery. It is not necessary to be an outcast bohemian, to be unkempt or poor, any more than it is necessary to be rich or handsome, to be an artist. Art is nothing to do with the coat you wear. A top-hat can well hold the Sixtine. A cheap cap could hide the image of Kephren.

Read more [PDF] of author and artist Wyndham Lewis‘s inaugural issue of Blast. Launched in June 1914 it survived for only two editions.

3 thoughts on ““Long Live the Vortex”

  1. Did you see the recent exhibition? I thought it pretty well done, though I preferred Nevinson’s work to Lewis’s.

    I just read a book called Militant Modernism, reviewed over at mine, which is very good (though very brief, but that’s not a bad thing in this case) on the differences between Vorticism and Futurism. It might interest you.

    • I did enjoy the recent exhibition.

      I’ve read your review of Hatherley’s book, which left me ambivalent about its value. I shall probably pick it up though as the subject interests me hugely.

  2. Your knowledge of modernism is greater than mine. That which is useful to me therefore may not be to you. Also, as I said in the review I found some parts of the book better than others and some parts better than the whole. If you do get it I’ll be interested in your thoughts.

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