Reborn by a Text

A wonderful feeling to be reborn by a text. An insomniac who finally slept. A feeling of awakeness, of bliss, I don’t even get from writing, I can only get from reading, that discovery.

I’ve been reading through my favourite blogs, listed on the right side-bar, preparing to repeat my Volley and Thunder post from last year, to bring to your attention specific posts that keep me going back to these particular blogs. My favourite blog of this year, though just discovered a few month’s ago is Frances Farmer is My Sister, quoted above from this post.

4 thoughts on “Reborn by a Text

  1. I hadn’t gone to read Zambreno’s blog until a few days ago, and it was offline at the time – closed to “invitees” only, but she seems to have made it public again, and I plan to spend as much time on it as I can in the next few days.

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