Read: 2013

Benoît Peeters, Derrida A Biography, trans. Andrew Brown
JM Coetzee, Waiting for Barbarians
Jacques Derrida, Learning to Live Finally (The Last Interview), trans. P Brault and M Naas
JM Coetzee, Life and Times of Michael K
Kate Zambreno, Green Girl
Duncan Fallowell, How to Disappear
David Shields, How literature saved my life
Amélie Nothomb, Life Form, trans. Alison Anderson
Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes From Underground, trans. Pevear/Volokhonsky
Roberto Calasso, La Folie Baudelaire, trans. Alastair McEwen
Martin Lings, Muhammad: his life based on the earliest sources
Mahmoud Darwish, In the Presence of Absence, trans. Sinan Antoon
Sven Lindqvist, Desert Divers, trans. Joan Tate
^Michel Foucault, Self Writing, trans. Robert Hurley and others
Janet Bennett, The Enchantment of Modern Life: attachments, crossings, and ethics
Jane Bennett, Vibrant Matter: a political ecology of things
Kate Zambreno, Toilet Bowl: some notes on why I write
JM Coetzee, Foe
Pierre Hadot, Philosophy as a way of life, trans. Michael Chase
Pierre Hadot, The Present Alone is Our Happiness, trans. Marc Djaballah
Anne Carson, Plainwater
Katherine Angel, Unmastered: A Book On Desire, Most Difficult To Tell
Alexander Nehamas, The Art of Living: Socratic Reflections from Plato to Foucault
Rachel Kushner, The Flamethrowers
JM Coetzee, Age of Iron
Reiner Stach, Kafka: The Years of Insight, trans. Shelley Frisch
Olivia Laing, The Trip to Echo Spring
JM Coetzee, The Master of Petersburg
Philip Roth, Goodbye, Columbus
Dirk Van Huile and Mark Nixon, Samuel Beckett’s Library
James Knowlson, Damned to Fame: The Life of Samuel Beckett
Anne Atik, How It Was: A Memoir of Samuel Beckett
^Oscar Wilde, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
^Oscar Wilde, The Canterville Ghost
^Oscar Wilde, Poems in Prose
Samuel Beckett, The Letters 1929-1940
^Harold Bloom, The Art of Reading Poetry
Christopher Ricks, Beckett’s Dying Words
Marlen Haushofer, The Loft
Marlin Haushofer, The Wall
Sven Lindqvist, The Myth of Wu Tao-Tau
Sven Lindqvist, ‘Exterminate All the Brutes’
Christa Wolf, Cassandra, trans. Jan Van Heurck
Pascale Casanova, Samuel Beckett: Anatomy of a Literary Revolution
Christa Wolf, Conditions of a Narrative: Cassandra, trans. Jan Van Heurck
Christa Wolf, Medea, trans. John Cullen
Homer, The Iliad, trans. Robert Fagles
David Markson, Reader’s Block
Charles Juliet, Conversations with Samuel Beckett and Bram van Velde, trans: Axel Nesme, Janey Tucker
*Anne Carson, Plainwater
Micheline Aharonian Marcom, A Brief History of Yes
Pierre Hadot, Plotinus or the Simplicity of Vision, trans. Michael Chase
Clarice Lispector, Near to the Wild Heart, trans. Alison Entrain
Hermione Lee, Virginia Woolf’s Nose: Essays on Biography
Hélène Cixous, Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, trans. Susan Sellers, Sarah Cornell
Christa Wolfe: The Writer’s Dimension: Selected Essays, trans. Heike Schwarzbauer, Rick Takvorian and Jan van Heurck
Clarice Lispector, A Breath of Life, trans. Johnny Lore
Mahmoud Darwish, A River Dies of Thirst: A Diary, trans. Catherine Cobham
Alice Oswald, Memorial
Marina Tsvetaeva, Bride of Ice: New Selected Poems, trans Elaine Feinstein
Ryszard Kapuściński, Travels with Herodotus, trans. Klara Glowczewska

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