5 thoughts on “Samuel Beckett by John Minihan

  1. In color photos, he tends to look more ordinary, I think (except for the extraordinary ears). And speaking of Beckett, photos, and Knowlson, you do have Haynes and Knowlson’s Images of Beckett, right? I especially love the B&W portraits of Beckett in the first section.


    1. I didn’t know of that book, but will inspect it next time I’m at a good book shop. I know what you mean about Beckett looking more ordinary in colour photos, but I think the colour version of this particular photo is very striking.


      1. Agree completely that this photo is especially striking. I found Images of Beckett at a used bookstore several years ago, but it’s probably still around. The majority of the photos are of theater rehearsals and performances, but there are quite a few of Beckett himself, and three new (in 2003) essays by Knowlson. Definitely worth having, but not crucial.


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