Winter Reading

An occasional springlike fragrance in the air buoys the soul, yet my reading still speaks of winter: a mixed clutch of writers, some new to me, others old favourites. The re-emergence of one of my favourite blogs inspired me to sample both  Morselli and Guilloux; Balzac, a long-time companion is also calling.

At the moment, I am reading Adrian Nathan West’s translation of Harmut Lange’s Positive Nihilism: My Confrontation with Heidegger. Its slim form belies its depth, perfect for a wintry evening.

Perfect for the season also is Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber’s Passacaglia. Its opening four notes perhaps refers to the traditional hymn to the Guardian Angel,

10 thoughts on “Winter Reading

  1. I’ve got Blood Dark. I bought it on a whim but have not gotten to it yet. I haven’t really read much of anything since I’ve been in India but I have a couple of long flights and airport stopovers coming up to get back on track. Looking forward to Brother In Ice too.

  2. Wonderful! I do hope you’ll like the Guilloux and Morselli and am eager to read what you make of them. And all those others look terrific; I’m especially intrigued by the Alice Kopf book.

  3. The synopsis of Past Conditional is a formidable lure, I’ll keep this title in mind—and I’m looking forward to your thoughts on it.

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