Winter Reading II

Perhaps Michelle mentioned Marie Chaix to me; something compelled me to order these three that seem in some way connected, but that is arguably true of any writer’s work. More Balzac, in this case rereading a favourite from childhood that I’ve not revisited since. Also another Morselli that from its description was irresistible.

These will see me through what is left of winter.

6 thoughts on “Winter Reading II

  1. It wasn’t me, but now I am thanking you in reverse. I didn’t know Chaix, and now am very curious to read her work. Am going to the library today anyway, and will look for her.

    A Balzac read-a-thon is a lovely idea for winter. Am translating an art book right now (on Rodin) and there is a short discussion on Rodin’s sculpture of Balzac in his bathrobe, which I had forgotten about, and the whole mess that happened afterward.

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  2. I’ve wanted to read Chaix but have never gotten around to her. She features in Harry Mathews’ highly amusing quasi-novel My Life in C.I.A., about his decision to indulge others’ paranoid assumptions that he was a C.I.A. agent in Paris in the late 1960’s.

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  3. Shoot! I have already spent a fortune on books this month, and now I see this post (as well as your last post)! And of course, I just ordered Silences, or A Woman’s Life, as well as Divertimento 1889. I am finishing up Woolf’s The Years, which is far and away my favorite of the three novels I’ve read of hers (Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse are the others). I’ve got a ton of books on my TBR pile: Nada by Carmen Laforet, They Were Counted by Miklos Banffy, The Use of Man by Alexander Tisma, and The Betrothed by Manzoni are only a few. And just yesterday Marilynne Robinson’s new book of essays along with Ismail Kadrare’s book of essays on Aeschylus, Dante, and Shakespeare arrived!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your reading. I’m really looking forward to the Chaix book.


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