Recent Arrivals: Poets, Essays, Letters

Carcanet is one of my favourite publishers, with the recent wonderful Carcanet Classics series, and these recent additions to my library.

With a taste for H.D.’s work sharpened by the first twenty pages of Bid Me to Live, her lightly fictional autobiography, these three books will form part of an immersive reading, probably in the early part of next year. H.D.’s engagement with mythology and Hellenic literature is extra compelling.

C.H. Sisson wrote a brilliant essay in the 4th edition of what was Poetry Nation (1975) magazine (now PN Review) on H.D.’s work. I am interested to read more of his literary essays.

W.S. Graham’s collection of letters was irresistibly reviewed on the Carcanet blog recently.

Ceridwen Dovey writing about one of my favourite writers, J.M. Coetzee, was equally compelling, despite having to have it shipped from Australia.

6 thoughts on “Recent Arrivals: Poets, Essays, Letters

  1. Anthony — when I was a graduate student in California long ago…..I edited an edition of H.D.’s Notes on Thought and Vision, published by City Lights Books, San Fransisco. You might want to add that to your list of H.D. titles to read. x Annie J

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  2. I kept seeing posts about her come across my Twitter feed. I, too, love her use of myth from what I’ve sampled so far. I bought Palimpsest, Collected Poems 1912-1944, Sea Garden and Notes on Thought and Vision. I will have to go back and order the fiction you mention. Thanks.

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