Edmond Jabès, A Good Reader

“A good reader is, first of all, a sensitive, curious, demanding reader. In reading, he follows his intuition. Intuition — or what could pass as such — lies, for example, in his unconscious refusal to enter any house directly through the main door, the one that by its dimensions, characteristics and location, offers itself proudly as the main entrance, the one designated and recognised both outside and inside as the sole threshold.

To take the wrong door means indeed to go against the order that presided over the plan of the house, over the layout of the rooms, over the beauty and rationality of the whole. But what discoveries are perceived from that angle. All the more so because I am not sure that one can enter a written work without having forced one’s way in first. One needs to have wandered a lot, to have taken many paths, to realise, when all is said and done, that at no moment has one left one’s own.”

Edmond Jabès, From the Book to the Book. (v / @flowerville)


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