Wakeful glimpse of the wonder

‘Celebration . . . is self-restraint, is attentiveness, is questioning, is meditating, is awaiting, is the step over into the more wakeful glimpse of the wonder – the wonder that a world is worlding around us at all, that there are beings rather than nothing, that things are and we ourselves are in their midst, that we ourselves are and yet barely know who we are, and barely know that we do not know all this.’

Martin Heidegger, quoted as the epigraph to the first chapter of Richard Polt’s Heidegger: an introduction.

I’m preparing for another attempt to read Being and Time, encouraged by Danyl McLauchlan’s Tranquility and Ruin. I read the latter out of curiosity, thinking I was reading against the grain, but instead found his writing on metaphysics, meditation, Heidegger and effective altruism thought provoking. It’s another rabbit hole, but not so different from the Andrei Bely-Nietzsche train of thought I was chasing before reading McLauchlan’s book.

4 thoughts on “Wakeful glimpse of the wonder

  1. Altruism? Heidegger? who said openly and loudly that all Jews should be killed?
    and Ahrendt killed herself
    for being so brainless as …falling for such a drek
    yes, she was misundersttod about the meaning of evil… but
    there are reasons that Reason is unaware of…

    • I am capable of admiring a particular text without conflating that writing with an author’s life or desires. A text, once written, belongs to readers and can be liberated from the author. Heidegger can be a repellant human being and still have left texts that are worth trying to understand.

      • it´s your opinion. I resoect it indeed
        as I hope you will do with mine…
        I lost my familly in the Holocaust, and no, I do not admire
        hienas who enjoyed the opera…I certainly do not.

        • Of course I respect and understand your position. Heidegger, for multiple reasons, may be an extreme case, but if we remove from our libraries all the writers with a problematic moral of ethical position, what remains is somewhat barren. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for respecting my opinion.

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