Read: 2023

  1. William Shakespeare. Twelfth Night or What You Will. ed. William P. Holden.
  2. Ivan Turgenev. Fathers and Sons. trans. Richard Freeborn.
  3. Oliver Goldsmith. The Vicar of Wakefield.
  4. Anita Brookner. Altered States.
  5. Dag Solstad. Armand V. Footnotes to an Unexcavated Novel. trans. Steven T. Murray.
  6. Rowan Williams. Collected Poems.
  7. Philippe Jaccottet. Seedtime. trans. Tess Lewis.
  8. Philippe Jaccottet. The Second Seedtime. trans. Tess Lewis.
  9. Philippe Jaccottet. Seedtime III. trans. Tess Lewis.
  10. Chris Gosden. Prehistory: A Very Short Introduction.
  11. Adam Zagajewski. A Defense of Ardor. trans. Clare Cavanagh.
  12. Adam Zagajewski. Slight Exaggeration. trans. Clare Cavanagh.
  13. Adam Zagajewski. Selected Poems. trans. Clare Cavanagh, Renata Gorczynski, Benjamin Ivry and C. K. Williams.
  14. *Pascal Quignard. The Roving Shadows. trans. Chris Turner.
  15. Pascal Quignard. The Fount of Time. trans. Chris Turner.
  16. William Styron. Darkness Visible.
  17. Friederike Mayröcker, brütt, or The Sighing Gardens. trans. Roslyn Theobald.
  18. Olav. H Hauge. The Dream We Carry. trans. Robert Bly and Robert Hedin.
  19. Jon Fosse. Trilogy. trans. May-Brit Akerholt.
  20. Léa Vuong. Pascal Quignard: Towards the Vanishing Point.
  21. Adam Zagajewski. True Life. trans. Clare Cavanagh.
  22. Josep M. Argemi. The Angel of Santa Sofia. trans. Tiago Miller.
  23. Kate Briggs. The Long Form.
  24. Marguerite Duras. No More. trans. Richard Howard.
  25. Alejandro Zambra. The Private Lives of Trees. trans. Megan McDowell.
  26. Giorgio Agamben. When The House Burns Down. trans. Kevin Attell.
  27. Laszlo. F. Foldenyi. Dostoyevsky Reads Hegel in Siberia and Bursts into Tears. trans. Ottilie Muzet.
  28. * J. M. Coetzee. Life and Times of Michael K. narr. Jack Klaff.
  29. Yves Bonnefoy. Together Still. trans. Hoyt Rogers.
  30. Carlos Manuel Álvarez. The Tribe. trans. Frank Wynne with Rahul Bery.
  31. Etel Adnan. Shifting the Silence.
  32. Pascal Quignard. Villa Amalia. trans. Chris Turner.
  33. Pascal Quignard. Mysterious Solidarities. trans. Chris Turner.
  34. *Pascal Quignard. The Silent Crossing. trans. Chris Turner.
  35. Pascal Quignard. Sarx. trans. Keith Waldrop
  36. Miklos Szentkuthy. Towards the One and Only Metaphor. trans. Timothy Wilkinson.
  37. David Kishik. Self Study: Notes on the Schizoid Condition.
  38. Ludwig Wittgenstein. Private Notebooks 1914-1916. trans. Marjorie Perloff.
  39. *Clarice Lispector. The Stream of Life. trans.Elizabeth Lowe and Earl Fitz.