Forthcoming Books of Interest in 2021

  1. Clarice Lispector, An Apprenticeship or The Book of Pleasures, (trans. Stefan Tobler)
  2. Samuel Beckett, German Diaries: 1936 – 1937
  3. Claire-Louise Bennett, Checkout 19
  4. Antonio Tabucchi, Stories with Pictures, (trans. Elizabeth Harris)
  5. Kate Zambreno, To Write as If Already Dead
  6. Miklós Szenkuthy, Prae II, (trans. Erika Mihálycsa)
  7. Tao Lin, Leave Society
  8. S. D. Chrowstowska, A Cage for Every Child
  9. Pascal Quignard, The Fount of Time (trans. Chris Turner)
  10. Luis Goytisolo, The Greens of May Down to the Sea, Antagony, Book II, (trans. Brendan Riley)
  11. Luis Goytisolo, The Wrath of Achilles, Antagony, Book III, (trans. Brendan Riley)
  12. Olga Tokarczuk, The Lost Soul, (trans. Antonia Lloyd-Jones)
  13. Hans Ulrich Obrist, Zeng Fanzhi
  14. Thomas Bernhard, The Cheap-Eaters, (trans. Douglas Robertson)
  15. Vladimir Sharov, Be as Children, (trans. Oliver Ready)
  16. Friedrike Mayröcker, The Communicating Vessels, (trans. Alexander Booth)