Forthcoming Books of Interest

Various books that are of interest and that I am likely to purchase and read soon after publication are listed below. The dates can be slippery and are generally taken from the publisher’s own web site if available.

  • Marcel Schwob. Spicilege. trans. Alex Andriesse. Wakefield Press, November 2022.
  • Hermann Burger. Tractatus Logico-Suicidalis: On Killing Oneself. trans. Adrian Nathan West. Wakefield Press, November 2022.
  • Pascal Quignard. The Fount of Time: The Last Kingdom II. trans. Chris Turner. Seagull Books, December 2022.
  • Georges Bataille. Critical Essays, 1944 – 1948. trans. Chris Turner. Seagull Books, December 2022.
  • Philippe Jaccottet. ‘La Clarté Notre-Dame’ and The Last Book of Madrigals. trans. John Taylor. Seagull Books, December 2022.
  • Mircea Cartarescu. Solenoid. trans. Sean Cotter. Deep Vellum Publishing, December 2022.
  • Marguerite Duras. The Easy Life. trans Olivia Baes & Emma Ramadan. Bloomsbury Publishing, December 2022.
  • Benjamin Noys. The Matter of Language. Seagull Books, December 2022.
  • Thomas Bernhard. The Rest is Slander. trans. Douglas Robertson. Seagull Books, December 2022.
  • Giorgio Agamben. Hölderlin’s Madness, Chronicle of a Dwelling Life, 1806-1843. trans. Alta L. Price. Seagull Books, January 2023.
  • Rainer Maria Rilke. Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. trans. Edward Snow. W. W. Norton, January 2023.
  • Franz Kafka, Diaries. trans. Ross Benjamin. Schocken, January 2023.
  • Laszlo Krasznahorkai. A Mountain to the North, A Lake to The South, Paths to the West, A River to the East. trans. Ottilie Mulzet. Profile Books, January 2023.
  • Friedrike Mayröcker. as mornings and mossgreen I. Step to the window. trans. Alexander Booth. Seagull Books, February 2023.
  • Thomas Mann. New Selected Stories. trans. Damion Searls. Liveright, February 2023.
  • Miquel de Palol. The Garden of Seven Twilights. trans. Adrian Nathan West. Dalkey Archive Press, March 2023.
  • Marcel Proust. The Seventy-Five Folios and Other Unpublished Manuscripts. trans. Sam Taylor. Belknap Press (HUP), April 2023.
  • Max Frisch. Sketchbook, 1946-1971. trans. Simone Pare. Seagull Books, May 2023.
  • Roberto Ohrt & Axel Heil. Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas MNEMOSYNE: Commentary Volume. Hatje Cantz Verlag, October 2023.
  • Maria Gabriela Llansol. Diaries. trans. Audrey Young. Deep Vellum Publishing, October 2023.
  • Ludwig Wittgenstein. Tractatus Logico-Philospicus. trans. Alexander Booth. Penguin Classics, November 2023.
  • Samuel Beckett, German Diaries. trans. Gaby Hartel. Suhrkamp Verlag, December 2023.
  • Karl Ove Knausgård. Out of the World. trans. Martin Aitken. Harvill Secker, November 2025.

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