New Bibliological Definitions Added

Bibliocarnality: the mania for continuing to acquire books despite have insufficient time left to read those you possess but haven’t yet read.

Bibliophilic neuralgia: involuntary facial twitches that accompany the enthusiasm expected by a relative who has presented you with an unwanted book as a Christmas or birthday gift.

Bibliobender: the orgy of book acquisition that follows a 6-12 month moratorium on acquiring any new books.

Bibliolatry by Proxy: desperate yearning to see the title and cover of the book you’ve been reading, and enjoying, over someone’s shoulder on a bus or train journey.

Proustian Chihuahua Syndrome: the sinking resignation halfway through a book of more than five hundred pages that you haven’t got the tenacity to get to the end.

Bibliobacchanalia: reading a book after the third glass of wine, fully knowing you’ll have to reread those fifty pages again tomorrow (but no longer caring).

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