Book Shelves #2

Continuing my bookshelf reveries, in participation with Biblioklept’s project, I’m moving from the inbox that is my desk to the first set of shelves in front of my desk.

These are over-priced OKA shelves, functional if not aesthetically pleasing. The top three shelves hold half of my collection of CDS, which I am not going to explore further right now. The bottom shelf (not shown) holds two containers of photography equipment and assorted electronics.

Otherwise this shelf houses a small gathering of science books, the sort I buy with all the best intentions and never do more than flick through. I shall probably cull these hard when I move home in March. An even smaller economics section reflects a passing, but brief, infatuation with the dismal science. A few linguistics books jostle my four cherished volumes of The Paris Review, that may have been read more frequently than any book in my  collection.

Below these are various notebooks (Moleskines and other types) and part of an accumulation of dictionaries and music reference books. I particularly love H. W. Fowler’s pedantic Dictionary of Modern English Usage. I sold a genuine first edition when OUP reprinted the classic first edition in 2009, with an introduction by David Crystal.