Diary of a Philosophy Student: A Full Review

A comprehensive review of Simone de Beauvoir’s Diary of a Philosophy Student, by Toril Moi is the author of Simone de Beauvoir: The Making of an Intellectual Woman.

This diary is published as the second volume of the University of Illinois Press’s Beauvoir series, under the general editorship of Simons, who deserves praise for ensuring that so many previously untranslated texts by Beauvoir now appear in English. The first volume in the series, Philosophical Writings, was published in 2004 and contains, among other important early essays, Beauvoir’s first philosophical book, Pyrrhus et Cinéas (1944). The publishers have announced five more volumes to come: Beauvoir’s war diaries; three volumes of essays on philosophy, literature, and feminism; and, eventually, the most exciting volume of them all: namely, the second installment of these student diaries, with entries from 1928 to 1930.