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More from A Time of Gifts: the young Leigh Fermor is attempting to  comprehend the origin of the exuberant blend of mediaeval and Renaissance architecture in the towns of Southern Germany. With a thrill he recalls an illustration depicting three … Continue reading

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Manguel on Borges: It isn’t impossible that in some way, in order to be with a woman, any woman of the many he desired, to be privy to her mystery, to be more than just a wordsmith, to be or … Continue reading

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Whenever you read a book and come across any wonderful phrases which you feel stir or delight your soul, don’t merely trust the power of your own intelligence, but force yourself to learn them by heart and make them familiar … Continue reading

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Sentence Construction

The gemstone in this month’s Believer is an article on the construction of the sentence. Gary Lutz writes passionately and eruditely: The aim of the literary artist, I believe, is to initiate the process by which the words in a sentence no … Continue reading

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Time’s Flow Stemmed: An Introduction

On the one hand, the literary object has no substance but the reader’s subjectivity … But on the other hand, the words are there like traps to arouse our feelings and to reflect them towards us … the work exists … Continue reading

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