Roger Deakin Archive

Notebooks from the Roger Deakin Archive at the University of East Anglia

Each of Roger Deakin’s three books, Waterlog: A Swimmer’s Journey Through Britain, Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees and Notes From Walnut Tree Farm are stunning, the apotheosis of natural history writing. The picture above is of Deakin’s notebooks, archived at UEA. One day I might spend a very blissful day thumbing through those books.

9 thoughts on “Roger Deakin Archive

  1. Oh, how I love to look at people’s handwritten notes and notebooks. I have never read Deakin but was many times looking at his books and soon ordering them. Which one will you reccomend to read first?

  2. I was just looking again at Waterlog after a comment from someone about a post on my blog, and was reminded how wonderful Roger Deakin was. I didn’t know his notebooks were at UEA. I might go too!

  3. hope some one looks through and maybe brings together a fitting epitaph from these ,I love waterlog and notes from such shame he passed away ,all the best stu

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