Michael Ackerman

Michael Ackerman

Sometimes you read something and think did I write that? If I didn’t I should have. It speaks to me. I learnt the term anticipatory plagiarism recently. I was looking for Michael Ackerman’s work and ended up, as is often the case, in flowerville’s archive.

I think in all biographies place of birth is mentioned. I don’t know how important it is for me. Sometimes I think it’s more important that I was moved from my place at an early age and it could have been from anywhere. When the roots or the connections are broken it has to have an effect on anyone from any place. We are always told that rootlessness is a part of being Jewish but I think the feeling of not belonging is true to being alive. People cover it up or deny it… this is a big question and i’m probably not answering well. For sure I don’t feel at home anywhere.

Michael Ackerman

2 thoughts on “Rootlessness

  1. Anticipatory plagiarism, I love that ! (It’s mostly what I do).
    I guess this feeling is true for many people. Very often we are severed from our roots, metaphorical or otherwise. The hebrew people have simply turned that feeling into a spiritual mission I guess.

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