The Obscene

Jean Baudrillard

Jean Baudrillard

When things become too real, when they are immediately given and realised, when we are in short circuit which means that these things are brought closer and closer together, we are in obscenity. From this standpoint, Régis Debray made an interesting critique of the society of the spectacle: according to him, we are no longer in a society that distances us from things, in which we could be said to be alienated by our separation from them . . . Our curse is that we are brought up ultra-close against them, that everything is immediately realised, both things and ourselves. And this too-real world is obscene.

3 thoughts on “The Obscene

      • Yes, been slowly coming back into poetry of late… published a lot of poetry when I was younger, then family, work, other pressures took me away. Lately the blogosphere and philosophy are getting rather stale so decided to return to my love of poetry… figure to get a work published sometime this next year. Looking for contests at the moment. Sending off the usual poems to Sewanee, Poetry, Black Mountain, etc…


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