Onward with Pilgrimage

It was this that—almost—lured me away from Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage: “Yourcenar reconstructed his library.” Long-term readers of this blog (both of you) will know of my attraction to libraries in fiction. That Marguerite Yourcenar, as part of her research for her Memoirs of Hadrian, reconstructed Hadrian’s Library persuaded me, nearly, to take a break from Pilgrimage.

Despite my antipathy to historical fiction, the first chapter was strong, promising, but then the jitters set in. All I wanted was to know what was happening in Miriam Henderson’s world, or rather what she was thinking about what was happening. Hadrian can wait. He’s waited long enough. Onward with Pilgrimage.

Melissa is reading Yourcenar, so if of interest, do read her excellent review of Two Lives and a Dream.

4 thoughts on “Onward with Pilgrimage

  1. Thanks so much for linking my review. Very kind of you. I’ve begun Hadrian as well and after all your praise of Pilgrimage I will start that this evening as well. Thanks so much!

      • By the way, that article in the New Yorker about her was fascinating. She lived in New England and Maine which I hadn’t realized. I wonder if she talks about that in her memoirs? And she taught herself Latin and Ancient Greek! That’s impressive, to say the least.

        • The trilogy of memoirs were never complete. I don’t know how far she got with them. She is a deeply impressive woman, of another era.

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