Forthcoming Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading

  1. Roberto Calasso, The Unnamable Present
  2. Laura Nasrallah, Archaeology and the Letters of Paul
  3. Jan Zwicky, The Experience of Meaning
  4. Yiyun Li, Where Reasons End
  5. Olga Tokarczuk, The Books of Jacob
  6. Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Anarchy’s Brief Summer
  7. Simon Critchley. Tragedy, the Greeks and Us
  8. Dan Gretton, I You We Them
  9. Clarice Lispector, The Besieged City
  10. Simone de Beauvoir, Diary of a Philosophy Student: Volume 2, 1928-29
  11. Annie Ernaux, Happening
  12. Moyra Davey, Moyra Davey
  13. Claudio Magris, Snapshots
  14. Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and Nothingness (Sarah Richmond’s translation)
  15. Kate Zambreno, Appendix Project
  16. Christina Hesselholdt, Vivian
  17. Enrique Vila-Matas, Mac and His Problem
  18. Theodor Adorno, Notes to Literature
  19. Geoffrey Hill, The Book of Baruch by the Gnostic Justin

7 thoughts on “Forthcoming Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading

  1. I came upon [& ended up acquiring] the French translation of László F Földényi’s Melankólia. As I was leafing through the book, I felt the name of this author was somehow familiar, but I couldn’t pinpoint where/when I had heard/read it before. Then, back home, I realized that it was here, #21 on your list. I like it when an author or a book keeps appearing here & there. Have you read this other book by László F Földényi?

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  2. Great list. Lots there I’m looking forward to as well plus a few to add! Not sure how I had managed to miss that Calasso coming in April, looks really interesting.

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