Most Didn’t Notice

“Since early adolescence I have wanted to live the life of a poet. What this meant to me was a life outside the law; it would include disobedience and uprootedness. I would be at liberty to observe, drift, read, travel, take notes, converse with friends, and struggle with form.” p.5

“The child poised on the threshold of a door is also the ghost going the other way; they are one action immortalised by a single position toward the world: not there.” p.23

“The struggle to foster a culture informed by art and literature was soon to be stifled by the military, scientific, and monetary complex. Some people knew this and found the loss unbearable; most didn’t notice.” p.31

Fanny Howe, The Winter Sun

“The unformed mind at play is the most interior, half-submerged, and elusive figure we have, expunged and redrawn.” p.15

“I have to say I never got over my shock that there is a world and it is living.” p.117

Fanny Howe, The Needle’s Eye

Many and special thanks to flowerville for the discovery of Fanny Howe, who combines intellectual coherence with a use of language that can stab, soothe or tickle as the occasion requires.

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