Infinite Jest Stalled

My request for Infinite Jest cheerleaders brought forth Isabella and Frances, who both urged me to read on, but suggested a break may be advisable. On completing Jaron Lanier’s provocative You Are Not a Gadget, I eyed David Foster Wallace’s slab of postmodernism, and reverted to my bookshelves in search of a volume more fitting to my appetite today. Infinite Jest might be this summer’s book for the beach. For now Walter Benjamin’s Early Writings 1910-1917 is exerting a strong pull.

2 thoughts on “Infinite Jest Stalled

  1. I’ve heard Infinite Jest is really good and plan to read it sometime. I’m reading Ulysses this summer so maybe it will be my big book for next summer or the long winters nights. At any rate, keep going! You can do it! 🙂

    • Ulysses was my big summer read last year, a stunning, life-changing book. I will take IJ on holiday with me in July, but it is not Ulysses, not by a long stretch.

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